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How to Setup your Moodle Classroom




1. Settings -


Once you login, click on "turn editing on", then click on "settings" - here are some of the things to do -


settings - you can change the name of the class, and add your name, section number and semester.


under "summary" you can give a description of the class. If you want to add a link, then type in text, and highlight it with your pointer, and then click on the "figure eight" at the top of the editing box which represents a link, and click on save, and you will then link a webpage to the text you underlined.


format - you an use weekly format, and if so if you click on the start date - then you can give number of weeks or topics (i.e. 15), and it will then set it up with 15 weeks, with start and end date for each week (weekly format).

Module 1 - A moodle introduction Please click on the first link below to start

Resource What is moodle?

Resource Registration and your profile

Resource Course navigation in moodle

Resource moodle resource & activity types summary

Resource How to use a moodle forum

Forum Moodle introduction forum


Module 2 - Resources in moodle This module explains how to make use of the various resources that may be found in a moodle-based course.

Resource Plain text and html text pages

Resource The reference resource

Resource A reference to test

Resource Uploaded file resources

Resource Time to try an uploaded file

Resource The web link resource

Resource Here's a web link...

Resource Web page resources

Resource Visit Me!


Module 3 - Activities in moodle This module concentrates on the various activities that a student can engage in when taking a moodle-based course.

Resource Assignments

Assignment Assignment exercise

Resource Choice / Vote / Poll

Choice Time to choose...a colour!

Resource Forums - again

Forum Moodle activities forum

Resource Moodle journals

Resource Quizzes - the self assessment activity

Quiz Now, what was the answer...?


Module 4 - Grades, feedback and interaction This module explains how a user's grades can be checked and how feedback between students and staff, and interaction with other students can enhance the learning process.

Resource Checking your grades

Resource Feedback with Tutors

Resource Interaction and Collaboration


Module 5 - Conclusion This module contains some surveys that we would like you to complete to help us better understand the needs of learners on our site, a forum for the discussion of your impressions of the whole course and some links for further reading and research.

Forum Final course discussions

Resource Useful Links

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