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Please Read the following message carefully.


You are currently enrolled in the moodle class for a class you have not formally registered for at Mission College.


It is possible that you were just looking at the class because you were interested, or possibly joined moodle thinking that by doing so it created a formal registration for the class. It does not.


There are two systems. First the school system - in which a student first enrolls at Mission College - see http://lamission.edu on steps to enroll. more specifically look at http://www.lamission.edu/registration.html . This system is not connected to the moodle system. We use the moodle system in our Paralegal Studies Program for delivery of content for both our online classes and our hybrid classes (part on campus- part online). We allow "open enrollment" into the moodle class system. That means that a person can create an account, and visit the class and login. However, we only give that student a limited time (a week or so) to get registered and then we "lock them out", because they are an "interloper" and not properly registered for class.


You must first enroll in the class at Mission before you can enroll in the moodle classroom. Therefore you are being un-enrolled from the moodle class until you can get registered for the class with Admissions.


Once you have enrolled in the class, please go to the student information system at http://profj.us/student and copy and paste your registration for the class and email it to Prof J. at abogado@pacbell.net and then you may re-enroll in the moodle classroom.


If you have any questions or find the above explanation confusing, please email Prof J. at abogado@pacbell.net or call him on his cell phone 818-415.2015


Again please do no re-enroll in moodle until you have properly registered for the class with Admissions at Mission.


Thanks for your kind cooperation.



Prof Jordan

Director of Paralegal Studies Program


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